Sceintific name Python bivitattus

They have the most flexible jaws and Razor shape teeth


SIZE: 16 to 23 feet

WEIGHT: Up to 200 pounds

They are in IUCN red list

They are deadly, they are non venomous

They are excellent swimmers and also can stay submerged into water for 30 minutes

They are carnivores to small mammals and birds

Females are larger than males

How to preserve this snake?

There are several ways of preservation of these reptiles Wet preservation, Taxidermy, Molted skin preservation, Bones preservation.

Wet preservation

Take a clean jar put formaldehyde in it or 70% ethanol

Take an injection and inject it at each 2 inches space so inner organs will not get spoiled

Then put your baby in Jar filled with formaldehyde

And Yahoo you have preserved it!!



House fly (Musca domestica)

Have you ever thought why these tiny little insects always seems to rub their hands constantly !!!

If yes then continue reading you will probably get the answer to your question. Basically rubbing limbs is a type of grooming behavior found in flies, They rub their limbs to clean them seems interesting right because they mostly sit on dirty things so they need to clean their limbs by rubbing them together .

Bye bye see you next time with more fun facts related to zoology!!



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