Project 1: Positive Reflection

Feedback is a gift. Ideas are the currency of our next success. Let

people see you value both feedback and ideas.”– Jim Trinka and Les Wallace

Before becoming a member of the Amal family three months back Feedback was the thing I hated the most ,my mindset at that time was stuck in a place where those who hate me or those who don’t like me give me feedback. Tell me that what I did was wrong. I took it so personally. I take it like a personal attack .I hate the time when someone tries to correct my mistakes. Tell me it could be better if you do this instead of this .But now thanks to my Amal teachers I came to know feedback is a gift we must take positively. Now I go to people, ask them to talk to them, and request them to please give me feedback .Only those people give us feedback who really cares about us and our future. Those who don’t care will simply say !! oh man you have done a wonderful job .

The instances that had the most impact on me when I did self reflection on how feedback helps seeing people getting improved by feedback.

Thinking about feedback made me think that I was thinking negatively about people around me but actually it wasn’t their fault it was my fault which made me think all people are bad and negative. Now I have changed my mindset and am looking at people around me with a positive point of view.

Whenever I am with my Amal family I feel more positive energetic enthusiastic.but when there are some negative people around me they make me sad . Now I will try my best to stay with positive people who provide positive energy.

But we must recognize people who are good and take care of us are sincere because still we cannot trust and follow each and everyone’s advice. Say thank you to people who give you feedback and think positively try to improve and learn from your errors. Getting feedback from it is an essential component of life that moves a person toward his journey.

My teachers from Amal and my fellow classmates have given me many positive feedbacks. My Amal circle also provided me with some very valuable feedback .Now I don’t take feedback negatively and take it as an opportunity because people around me give feedback by spending their precious time and want to see me better and improved Mam Zara and Mam Aaliya given me feedbacks on my professional documents my project works which was really helpful for me .Also Mam Khadija given very helpful feedback after taking mock interview. Some of my friends really helped me out from Amal really helpful .Thank you lovely people for giving me gift ❤

A gift



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